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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PST

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country is addressing the plight of some of the immigrants. the fact is not withstanding the national trend to take away the rights of undocumented people, has stood his ground and courageously has said that we in san francisco are a century city and we are not in the business of enforcing immigration law. he stands against the efforts on the part of the federal effort to blur the call line between local and federal law enforcement. nothing was so gratifying to me then to hear my parents tell me in spanish how they saw share tennessee on spanish television talking about the rights of immigrants and how that resonated with them because here you have our sheriff and with sheriff -- on the other side and
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our sheriff is standing up. i am proud that he is a resident of district 9, a resident of personal rights. i am proud to make the nomination. i am proud that we will get behind sheriff michael hennessey. >> thank you, mr. president. i believe there has been an exceptional talent pool that has been before us. in the press speculation and in the discussions both amongst city hall, family, and the general public, that there is a bit of embarrassment. i am looking for someone who can provide a steady course in where
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our city needs to go. that is able to help manage the very tasks and challenges that are under way and being able to hit the ground running to confront new ones that might emerge. i feel very strong that we need a kind of leader who has both the seasoning and the strengths that you have that can be counted among that talent pool and someone who has the kind of pedigree on so many different rest of issues, cutting edge issues, and able to pioneer the kind of legislation -- proud to be affiliated with this person.
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there has been no other mayor and the last several decades that has able to deal with the kind of disaster and challenges that fell upon san francisco with the kind of calm leadership and ability to navigate in is what the a once-in-a-lifetime event. they are taking care the needs of the city in a way that the city was extremely hurting due to that crisis. he showed incredible innovation in standing tall and a green
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movement and a transit event which would advocate for the dismantling of the freeway because it had been compromised. it was out there long before. he was able to demonstrate that by going down the freeway, this is how we can enhance the frontage and in one of the best parts of san francisco. america's cup would not even be a consideration if that freeway to not come down. he helped to orchestrate alliances among uncommon groups among groups that are not seen
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before the such as the nation's there is the homeless plan. san francisco was inundated and flooded and an anticipated because of the adverse affects of reagan and san francisco's or -- he was able to leverage his leadership to charter status and the status of women and he instigated the collaborative approach and the salvage the current location and plans for at&t park. in essence, he maintained dealing with and trying to respond to the earthquake. the city's finances, even though we were in a multi year recession, in the late a.d.'s up to 90, this still left the
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city's finances at their highest levels as rated by the bond rating agencies. that takes a certain amount of finesse that has been demonstrated by the chief executive and in that, he left the mayor's office in 91 but he never left public service. he was tapped by the clinton administration to serve us well in being a western regional director and in doing so by initiating great efforts in addressing critical housing needs in the valley and in the western addition.
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he has provided the kind of leadership that we need over the last of never months that leads up to the voters that get to decide who the elected mayor should be. having this ability to provide a foundation and to find a grounding that helps also unite the city is white i would really put forward enthusiasm.
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>> this is not someone who's an expert in one area or another area but an expert in a variety of areas. more important, someone who has been hands on in city government for well over 20 years and someone who has shown throughout their career that they have their support across the political spectrum. supervisor daily said in one of our first discussions that we need to nominate someone who has the ability to reach across the lines. -- supervisor daly said in one of our first discussions.
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jetblue and he was subsequently appointed by mayor avenue sen. -- mayor gavin newsom his experience demonstrates that he can reach across the lines. this is whether he can get into public issues, at the asian law caucus, the human rights commission, said the purchaser. his first job was investigator on whistle-blower protections. this is a gentle man who knows how the city works. he fits the profile of what a lot of us agree what we need next year. someone who is an interim caretaker. i have respected him ever since he became a city employee.
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another one of his lines on his resume, he was the employee directors. he is the one who can lead the city for a year in a very difficult time. he has but the experience not with one department but with a variety of departments. he has budget experience today. with that, i nominate adlai for the interim mayor. -- i nominate ed lee. >> i nominate a former board of supervisors president -- >> it is my understanding that
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once all the nominations were made then we will open up the floor for members of the board to discuss this? >> that is correct. board members will have the opportunity discussed nominations at which point the clerk will conduct a roll-call vote. >> i am moving my name from the roster. >> are there any other nominations that people would like to make?
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are there any other nominations? the nominations are now closed. discussion. >> ok. why we moved to discussions. >> this was a three part question, basically. the first, obviously. the individual needs to have the
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capability to be the mayor of san francisco and the function of the city. with the local government, i believe that we have candidates than me to that qualification. i also said that i thought that we needed someone who had a demonstrated commitment to the san francisco values of social justice. i also said that we needed to be able to be able to get someone who can get six votes as per the rules of making this appointment.
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then the political operative in me said that we need someone who can go aggressively to fend this office and i think that i have made a nomination of the person who meets the first two requirements and then we all know the former president and his role now as the chair for the timber credit party. -- for the democratic party. someone who can -- the progressive side. i actually want to speak in
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favor of the first nominee sheriff of michael hennessey. what i want to underscore with mike is not just that he gets along with just about everyone in local government. for me, what is most compelling is his origins and where he comes from and the fact that creating the san francisco kill project or the fact that a lifetime of commitment to alternatives to incarceration, reentry programs, rehabilitation of san francisco's prisoners and shows the commitment to social justice was almost unparalleled in san francisco. so, i will be voting to support the sheriff and i hope that we
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actually don't get it passed the first questions so i will not comment on the others at this point. to say that the downside for me in terms of my support of the sheriff's and my reservations, talking to me at the tavern, my concern is that i don't believe that he will go out and be aggressive in terms of pushing a political program. he is the caretaker premier which i had actually spoken against. he will not likely, sometimes you call it blocking. he will not try to go out and clear the way for any particular candidate for board president or for his seat as a sheriff.
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in these respects, he is a compromise candidate. share tennessee would be -- sheriff hennessy would be the compromise candidate. >> thank you, mr. candidate -- mr. president. and from reading the chronicle, you would think that the board of supervisors was about to begin the revolution.
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the reality is that this board of supervisors has taken this very seriously. this progressive majority is trying to reach across the aisle. let's get behind someone that we can all agree with. that all of us can work with. he might that be the first choice that everyone will want. i say this as a progressive supervisor. this is a progressive majority that is looking beyond the boards.
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we have had members of this board of supervisors indicate that they're open to share of tennessee -- share of -- we are trying to come together in respect of of the ideological lines. when i look at the people that have been nominated, i think that all of them have amazing things that they bring to the table. as a person of color, seen the kind of job that ed lee has been doing gives me a tremendous amount of pride. he has been making the entire san francisco community proud of that performance. i don't think that we can take that away from him.
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someone who can do an excellent job as mayor. one of the things that i am very grateful for in this process is that you have been given the opportunity to talk to mayor -- there are differences of opinion about that mayorship. i will tell you that he wants to serve the city and county of san francisco. being a supervisor is not an easy job. you can imagine what it is like to be mayor. as someone who has gone through this process, i am commending him for the fact that -- we need to move forward and make a decision and focus on governing the city and doing the
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business of the people. let us vote for my hennessy. >> thank-you, i see where some of the momentum is and i respect that very much and this is in power in to think that we have such strong options. for me, the first option would be -- in the beginning of nominations, we went into a bit of detail of what that is for me and for those of you on the board here, what is important to be cognizant of this that there arc only four members of the board of supervisors here that were even in san francisco at the time that -- was mayor.
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that means the majority was studied and lived in san francisco at that time and don't think that the history books should-this one for the past. we should realize that very few chief executives have been put to the test in a way that -- has been put to the test. knowing very well that we're coming into our fourth year of significant budget deficits with an uneasiness because of the wholesale transition of our elected family. my first instinct despite what i have been hearing out there and people talking about being considered for this position is stability and a steady course.
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lgbt issues went unnoticed in this case but we could take them for granted. there was a progressive agenda that was well put together during the administration and they might lead a tone and tenor of the next 15 years. with the majority of us here, they would like to find someone who is sensitive to all of these issues, progressive and city- wide. that is why this came to my mind first. i appreciate the option of sheriff mike hennessy.
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his work on reentry was well known. but the distinctions have made him effective in areas where others were. they would be able to address the critical needs of recidivism. being able to do that with a population that is often shrugged off and not given opportunities to write -- rise to their best. that shows a considerable amount of accomplishments. >> thank you.
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i would like to start by thanking both supervisor campos and elsbernd for the nominations. i've been a supporter of sheriff mike hennessy. i will say that a new name has come up over the last few days and that is the name of mr. ed lee. the supervisor elsbernd made the nomination. that is a nomination that i am here to support. as an investigator for the first whistle-blower ordinance and has served as the executive director of the human rights commission, director of city purchasing and
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the director of public works before he was appointed acting 2005 as a our city administrator. for the last five years, the city administrator has spearheaded measures and reforms that have reduced the size and cost of government. he has been commended the move to clinical assessment and the structure to support vehicles. he has developed and overseen the first ever 10-year capital plan to guide our priorities and infrastructure investment. he has overseen the city's disaster recovery and response efforts, something that is extremely important to the district that have been representing for the past six
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and a half years. he has been coordinating response and recovery. he has organist the outreach efforts to ensure that our city continues to make progress on inclusion and cultural competency and then we here at the board just recently reappointed him for a new competition -- for a new term for five years. i believe of the work and
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emergency services is extremely important. it is for those reasons that i will be supporting the nomination today of mr. lee. i would like to see us move forward. we would like to have a strong asian-american candidate in a city of beauty and diversity. >> let me start by saying that he was one of my mentors in the late 1980's. i agree with a lot of the comments made about his leadership skills and experience, especially with grass-roots communities and chinese and pacific asian communities. i have nothing respect for --
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as a great succession mayor. i think we need him as the chief administrative officer for our city. i would like to speak in favor of tennessee -- hennessey. i was there in 1987 when -- had a come-from-behind victory in 1987 along with chinatown and asian-american activists. he is the state's man in many ways of the experience at the local level. he would bring those qualities to the city as our succession mayor. i am proud that he will help us to take care of the terrible budget crisis we are in but also as a unifying force within the city.


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